Like many European cities in the nineteenth century, Venice was involved in the process of adaptation and urban change driven by new needs and looming social and industrial changes.

The peculiarity of the city architectures led to the dismantling of private buildings to create spaces for new activities, and this happened mainly in the ancient island of Spina Lunga, today Giudecca (from Zudecài, judged) where, alongside the Palladian religious architectures, new and multiple industrial activities and factories.

Thus were born tanneries, mills, weaving, breweries, craft factories, chemical plants and of course shipyards, changing the appearance of the island, projecting a Northern European dimension within the lagoon of a city that, more than any other, maintained its Renaissance and Baroque dimensions.​

The contemporary aesthetics of the island mixes this historical moment with a subsequent twentieth century. The Giudecca became, and still, it is a border space that seems to be between modern and contemporary world. The architectural stratification has continued to the present with interventions of signatures such as Gino Valle, Cino Zucchi, Raphael Romeo, Aldo Rossi and Alvaro Siza who interacted with the surrounding urban environment to cope with the modern emergence of the city: the need for living spaces for the middle class.





Giudecca Art District is a network of art professionals whose interest focuses on the island of Giudecca. GAD aims to create an attractive art pole far from the clamor of the mass tourism and close to a contemporary northern European industrial aesthetic. 


GAD mission is to gather the professional experiences of our team and partners, giving the opportunity to our interlocutors to be present in Venice with attentively selected projects, to guarantee the high standard quality of all the events included in our network. 


The aim of the GAD is to provide a contemporary art experience that generates connections between GAD People, staff and Visitors, Venetian Artisans Heritage and International Institutions and Partners.

We are running a permanent research and a permanent program creating a strong connection with the city of Venice and its Institutions