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GAD Giudecca Art District presents Floating Mindscapes, the first solo exhibition in Italy of Konrad Ross, curated by Valentina Gioia Levy.
The artist presents a selection of paintings made between 2018 and 2021 in which he explores pictorial languages, signs and symbolisms from different traditions and imaginaries. Born into a family of Afrikaners, Ross grows and forms in the balance between the Western culture of his ancestors and the African one that he is surrounds, in a country still marked by apartheid violence. In 1987, Ross left South Africa for Europe through a journey that takes him back to the continent of his ancestors just while in his country of origin, the drama of apartheid reaches its peak.
In his work there are traces of a colonial past whose invasive and castrating legacy
seems to be perceived by the artist as a ghost to be exorcised, but at the same time a constant cultural reference point, which emerges in the images of busts and masks by Greco-Roman inspiration, in Michelangelo's obsession with drawing hands, in symbols like the trinacria, the medusa, the cross or the shroud, which blend together with visual suggestions multiple originating from African and Asian cultures, particularly Indo-Japanese.
In addition to the paintings, the exhibition features a long-lasting performance, in collaboration with the Australian dancer and costume designer Thomas Alfred Bradley, which will run for several hours at the day, from 30 October to 4 November. In an impossible attempt to faithfully map the movements
of Bradley’s sprawling and unpredictable dance, Ross will produce an opera from development progressive, direct result of the performative process. The artist's goal is to fix the very essence of movement on paper, according to a utopian intention that already has its origin in the history of nineteenth-century photography with the experiments of Muybridge and Marey or in avant-garde movements such as futurism. In Ross's work though, that is mainly wanted performative, the will is to proceed according to a gradual loss of authorial control, whereby the artist and the dancer proceed in unison, but pushed by two opposing forces: on the one hand, freeing the body, through a propulsive jerk forward, getting lost in the unpredictability of the action, on the other hand, grasping the essence of motion to hold it back in an entropic operation that aims at achieving some form of equilibrium, however placing oneself in the opposite direction to temporal unfolding.


curated by
Valentina Gioia Levy

Giudecca 211/C | Venezia
Space Legno e Legno

30 october\30 november 2021