On the occasion of the 17th Architecture Biennale in Venice, Markus Heinsdorff, an artist from Munich who works internationally, explores the theme of space under the
title “the space we live in”. In Venice in the Giudecca Art 
District May-July and in Munich Terminal II July-September 2021. As a central installation, he created the walk-in object “Paper Box House” on Giudecca Island in Venice as an “architectural vision” for a (super) living space made of the simplest material - a 15 m2 house made of recycled cardboard as an object. Part II of Markus Heinsdorff‘s GAD project deals with nature both as a living space and as architecture in a broader sense nature/environment as our house. With this installation, the artist wants to point out

the rapid destruction of our environment and the irrevocable consumption of resources, as well as to sensitise people to their protection - Terminal II as the hub of world-wide connections at Munich Airport is the ideal space for a networked awareness of the preservation of this world of ours.

Another contribution is entitled Belebtes Tal (Enlivened Valley) by architect Markus Uhrig, Munich, as to the theme of urban design at the GAD Venice exhibition on show in Level 3, Terminal 2 - in cooperation with Lukas Taido

A - Zanzibar/Tanzania/Africa
1 Muyuni Forest; 2 Stone Town, Jozani Forest; 3 Michamvi Kae

B - South Africa
1 Kirstenbosch National Botanical 
Garden; 2 Cape Point National Park, 3 Wil-
derness National Park; 4 Johannesburg, 
5 Chapman’s Peak; 6 Hout Bay, 7 Addo
Elephant National Park; 8 Stellenbosch


1 New York, Brooklyn Botanic Garden; 2 New York, Prospect Park; 3 Sanibel; 4
Florida, Everglades Nat;onal Park; 5 West Palm Beach; Mounts Botanical Garden

D - China
1 Zhejiang, Hangzhou and Anji Zhuxiang National Forest Park; 2 Yunnan


E - Germany

1 Holzhausen; 2 Murnauer Moor; 3 Schäftlarn; 4 Beuerberg; 5 Kassel, Staatspark

Karlsaue; 6 Krabichl Moor; 7 Manching; 8 Samerberg; 9 Bad Aibling; 10 Buchsee;
11 Mörlbach; 12 Gmünd; 13 Bernried; 14 Munich; 15 Klötze; 16 National Park
Wattenmeer, Föhr island; 17 Ismaning


F - Dubai

G India; 1 Meghalaya, Mawphlang Sacred Grove; 2 Chennai, Guindy-National Park; 3 New Delhi; 4 Tamil Nadu, Auroville, Botanical Gardens; 5 Assam, Kaziranga-
National Park, 6 Pune, Aga Khan Garden

H - Italy
1 Sicily, Nature Reserve Zingaro, 2 Sicily, Campo San Vito, 3 Sicily, Berice, 4 Sicily,
Cefalu, 5 Sicily, Tonnara, 6 Sicily, nature reserve, Salinen Trapani; 7 Bozen; 8
Venice, 9 Naples, Bacoli, Phlegrean Fields


I - Uzbekistan, Karakum Desert; 2 Iran, Buchara; 3 Iran, Shiraz, Botanial Garden
4 Iran, Yazd, 5 Iran; Krman, Prinzengarten Bagh-E-Shahzade, 6 Iran, Isfahan

J - Japan
1 Tokyo, The East Gardens of the Imperial 
Palace; 2 Shinjuku Gyoen Park; 3 Yoyogi-
Park; Meji Shrine; 4 Ueno-Park, Lotus Lake

K - Peru
1 Panguana, Biological Research Station; 
2 Pucallpa, Bosque National Park Alexan-
der von Humboldt; 3 Lima, Park Jardyn 

L - Spain

1 Teneriffa, Punta Hildago, Anaga Mountains; 2 Teneriffa, National Park Teide; 3

Teneriffa, Parque Rural de Anaga, biosphere reserve; 4 Bilbao, Santa Catalina,

Botanical Garden




july\september 2021

ELMAR ZORN, Munich, Germany;

The exhibitions take place within the framework of the cooperation between
Pasinger Fabrik/the Cultural Department of the City of Munich


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